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Telemedicine (virtual office visits) via Doximity


Telemedicine uses secure video conferencing to connect patients and physicians. Your telemedicine visit will be similar to an in-person medical office visit. Interactive video will allow you to see and communicate with a physician from home. The telemedicine encounter may include review of medical events, review of symptoms, vital signs and patient-assisted examination, review of laboratory results, and creation of a treatment plan, prescriptions, additional testing and follow-up as needed. 

INSTRUCTIONS for connecting via Doximity (free video office connection)

We use Doximity, a simple and secure videoconference service. There is no cost to the patient, and no need to download an app. Doximity allows additional people such as another family member or translator to join the video chat. You must use a "smartphone" such as an iPhone, Samsung, Android, etc with a camera to connect. Doximity works with either wifi or cellular service, but works best with wifi. 

Your physician will start the connection process by sending you a secure text message.  Your physician or staff may call you prior to the appointment to confirm your cell phone number.

You will get a text message from a five digit number (example 882-86). Open the message. At the top of the message there is a link, which is a web address in blue text, underlined, starting with "" following by a long string of numbers and letters. Under the link you will see a message such as "Hello, this is Dr. Jeffrey Goodman (or your doctor's name) - please join me for a secure video call."

Click on the blue link at the top of the text message. 

Your phone's browser will open to a new window and you will see a message "To join your video call with Dr. Jeffrey Goodman (or your doctor's name), allow access to camera and microphone" with a blue, rectangular button below it that says "Allow Camera & Microphone Access." Click the blue rectangle. 

Your phone will then confirm that you want to allow Microphone and Camera access, click "Allow" on the warning message. 

You will then see yourself in the corner of the browser page. 

Finally, click the green box that says "Join Video Call" to be connected to your doctor. d

Goals and Benefits:

· Access to medical care from healthcare providers at distant sites.

· More efficient and timely medical evaluation and management.

· Continuity of care when circumstances prevent in-person medical visits.


Possible Risks:

Rsks include, but are not be limited to:

· Signs and symptoms that might be detected during an in-person visit might not be detected through telemedicine;

· Audio and video may not be sufficient to allow for appropriate medical decision making by the physician;

· Delays in medical evaluation and treatment could occur due to quality or failures of technology;

· Rarely, security protocols could fail, causing a breach of privacy and/or personal data;

· Rarely, a lack of access to complete medical records may result in adverse drug interactions, adverse outcomes, or other errors;


Patient Consent To The Use of Telemedicine

At the time of each telemedicine appointment, patients are required to review and accept telemedicine terms of service and consent to the virtual visit. If you have any additional questions or concerns, or to schedule a telemedicine appointment with your physician, please call the office. 


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