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Reaching the On-Call Provider -

Nephrological Associates now uses a secure, encrypted, HIPPA-compliant, web-based "answering service" and paging system for patients, hospitals, pharmacies, etc to be able to reach our on-call provider on nights, weekends, holidays, and any other time the office is closed. This system is faster and more accurate than traditional answering services that often have long wait times and convey inaccurate or incomplete information. 

To reach the on-call provider, go to www.MDORBIT.COM, enter/search your provider's name, click their name tile, choose "Contact Doctor/Office" or "Consult" buttons. Enter call back information and click the button at the bottom to send immediately. Hospitals or other facilities that require an urgent callback should click "STAT" consult. 


Alternatively, you can still call our regular office numbers (973-736-2212 or 973-259-0278) and follow the voice prompts and instructions. However, we STRONGLY recommend using the website rather than the phone-based system. 


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