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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information

Update March, 2022:

Office appointments and general operations continue at normal capacity. Like other health care facilities, we still require masking for all patients, visitors, and staff, regardless of vaccine status, recent covid infection, etc. 

-Do not enter the office if you have a fever, new cough, sudden loss of smell or taste, or other symptoms of COVID-19. 

-Masks are required and must be worn at all times. Patients without masks or facial coverings will not be allowed to enter the office. 

-Sanitize your hands immediately upon entering the office. 

**This is a fluid list that may change based on circumstances and experience. We appreciate your understanding as we seek to maintain a safe environment for our staff and patients. Please call the office with questions or concerns. 



-If you or a close contact/family member is sick with fever, cough, etc, do NOT come to a scheduled office appointment. Please call the office and reschedule. Avoid Emergency Rooms for non-emergent situations. Most Emergency Rooms are not performing routine COVID-19 (Coronavirus) testing. Routine office appointments may be rescheduled by our staff to reduce waiting room crowding, etc.

-If you do come to the office for an appointment, blood draw etc, please sanitize your hands immediately upon entry. Expect to see staff members wearing masks and taking additional precautions.

-Following hand-washing guidelines, avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth as much as possible. 

-We are not performing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) testing in our office. 

For more information, see the Centers for Disease Control website:

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