COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information

There is a lot of confusion and uncertainty about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We are asking our patients to do the following:

-If you or a close contact/family member is sick with fever, cough, etc, do NOT come to a scheduled office appointment. Please call the office and reschedule. Avoid Emergency Rooms for non-emergent situations. Most Emergency Rooms are not performing routine COVID-19 (Coronavirus) testing. Routine office appointments may be rescheduled by our staff to reduce waiting room crowding, etc.

-If you do come to the office for an appointment, blood draw etc, please sanitize your hands immediately upon entry. Expect to see staff members wearing masks and taking additional precautions.

-Practice STRICT social distancing. Avoid contact with any unnecessary people. Avoid public gatherings, restaurants, movies, etc. Consider rescheduling any nonessential appointments. Work from home if at all possible .

-Following hand-washing guidelines, avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth as much as possible. 

-We are evaluating telemedicine ("virtual" office visits) options, and hope to offer that service soon. Please call the office and confirm we have the correct email address for you on file.

-We are not performing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) testing in our office. 

For more information, see the Centers for Disease Control website:

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